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This is the list of my favourite brands who, although they are sponsors, are here on the merit of their products. This does change with time, but for now, consider this Dr Uche's Official “Top Brands List” for Tear Trough rejuvenation.
Dr. Uche Aniagwu

Finding a good HA filler for the Tear Trough is the part of your clinical practice you can start getting right before you even pick up a syringe. It is essential to understand how your chosen product is stabilised, its cohesiveness, elasticity and water drawing potential. The last thing you want is a Delayed Onset Nodule or an unpredictable product that leads to Persistent Oedema.

In that regard, Kysense technology has really impressed me and for the first time ever I have been wooed away from my trusted Redensity 2. Their educational resources are scattered throughout the course and aggregated here. If you do decide to give them a try I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I have been.

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Managing infraorbital hyperpigmentation is a pain in the proverbial backside. This is especially true since so many of the solutions involve damaging the skin. Well, pHformula has a different approach and I have loved using their products in my clinic and on myself! So for those of you who are inclined to tackle the pigmentation issues as part of holistic management of the facial skin then you’ll enjoy pHformula.

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