Tear Troughs Mastery: Hyaluronic Acid

Take this course if you want to learn how to safely and constantly use Hyaluronic Acid fillers in the rejuvenation of the infraorbital area. This course covers novel injection approaches and is great for beginners looking for an introduction to managing the area or experienced injectors looking to develop their injection technique. You will learn how to select the most appropriate patients and the suitable techniques.

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Dr. Uche Aniagwu Dr. Uche Aniagwu Author

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Tear Troughs Mastery: Hyaluronic Acid

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What Others Have Said

By: aestheticsbyannkearney

so comprehensive and detailed and will definately chase this one for future training and products he uses

By: aestheticsbyadele

Amazing comprehensive session, thank you so much for sharing this!!

Great learning
By: victoriadas1

Great Lectures, making it really straightforward to understand. Fantastic classifications ensuring patient assessment is correct. Really enjoyed it. Thank you

Tear Troughs Mastery
By: j.ports

Fantastic, informative and concise Tear Trough Mastery Course! Highly recommended! Thank you Dr Uche for sharing your knowledge and expertise!